1928 ~ 1962

A website dedicated to the RANGITIKI, one of the three famous Rangi~Boats, from the fleet of cargo/liners of the New Zealand Shipping Company,  which sailed in deep water in the golden age of British shipping.
This site also pays tribute to all the men and women who sailed in her, particularly my father, C.Philip "Mick" Overall, who joined the 'Tiki on her second voyage in 1929 and stayed with her until the final voyage in 1962

21 May 2010: Due to some kind of viral attack, I am having to reconstruct the Ephemera page and, perhaps a whole lot more.  Please bear with me.

This site is intended to be a permanent work in progress.
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Retirement has found me so much to do that the Rangitiki has been pretty much neglected over the past several months.  Now it's time to actually get down to it so please come aboard again in a week or so's time to find "new" photographs, anecdotes and information.
A reminder ~ for the time being, the link to the MEMORIES page will be found at the top of the LINKS page. However, during this next refit period, this section will become independent of MEMORIES.  One thing is certain, A new page devoted to RMS Ruahine featuring some further great material from Dr. John Happs will be installed.  Now imagine a big smiley face right here.



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4 June 2005 ~ Over the past year or so, I have received eMail messages from many good people who were at one time or another associated with RMS Rangikiti, the New Zealand Shipping Company, or one of the other ships that Mick Overall sailed on.  These messages have come from all over the world, and I thought it might be a good idea for the viewer to see where the hits are coming from.
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