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I purchased this photograph from a New Zealand seller by way of an on-line auction site.
It now belongs to Trevor Bell, Webmaster of the excellent website, The Rangitane Story and is
displayed here with his gracious consent.
The picture was probably taken on the ship's maiden voyage, and in spite of its age, is very sharp
and clear.  The original print is sepia toned.



The postcard shown above (another copy of the one at the head of the page) was purchased from an on-line auction (I'm not sure which).  It is an exciting find for several reasons.

•Although not mailed as a postcard, it was evidently mailed from New Zealand in an envelope.  It's an easy stretch to believe that Ms. Upton wrote the card on the outbound trip from London, and mailed (perhaps with a longer note) upon arrival in New Zealand.  The date, which was impressed into the top right hand corner of the front face, is not easily made out, but maybe better eyes than mine or a little forensics work could bring it up.  A very careful examination of the picture will reveal slight indications of the impression.

•I do not know if Captain Upton had family travelling with him on any of his voyages to New Zealand, but judging by Ms. Upton's indication of "our" cabin is highly suggestive of being in very close proximity of the Captain's House  I have assumed that Ruth Upton was a young girl from the style of handwriting and the faint ruled pencil guidelines.  Could she have been Captain Upton's daughter?

•The text confirms the presence of a swimming pool (swimming "bath" as Ms. Upton calls it).  This is significant if one reads the notes regarding the Rangitiki's swimming pool on another page.

Further material to be added