in Dock


This picture, which appears to be an image scanned from an original photograph, is marked with just one word on the reverse ~ RANGITIKI.  It shows the ship either loading or unloading activity, or some other work, taking place at the stern.

Unless study of the cranes tell a story, I will not be able to say exactly in which Port this picture was made.

Location determined: On 20 April 2009, I received an email from Mr. Dave Ball of Wellington, New Zealand who tells me that this was alongside No. 33 shed in the Royal Albert Dock, London.

Mr. Ball goes on to say, "I was a lighterman and worked around her a lot; we used to load meat from her. One of my memories of her was on the upper deck was a cupboard which contained a piano, and one of my fellow lightermen could play and many a singsong was had. This was in the 1950's. Little did I know that years later I would be living in New Zealand. Thanks for the memories."


This photograph, date unknown, was made from a 35mm colour slide and was apparently taken by the same photographer as the black and white image above from the same platform.  The two shots were apparently taken from approximately the same location but at differing times as witnessed by the presence of the lighters in this image.

When enlarged by clicking on the image, the clarity of the photograph becomes very clear and sharp, and the name, RANGITIKI, is quite legible.

This image added 23 April 2006    


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