This black & white photographic postcard was issued by the Nautical Photo Agency of London N.W.1 and is marked in black ink on the reverse, "RANGITIKI / NEW ZEALAND / 1929 •  16,700 tons."  Clearly this is a post Maiden Voyage photograph and was probably made long after 1929.  If I can establish an approximate date, I will post details here.







Auckland Harbour October or November 1955, in close proximity to the Dominion Monarch

We're not sure when this picture was taken, but certainly before 1957. The picture was bought by way of a NZ on-line auction site, and was sold with the observation that the large two-funnel ship is the 'RANGITIKI.'  My initial view was that it could  be any of the three 'Rangi Boats', as the other shipping depicted could possibly be pre-WWII.  Others with greater knowledge than myself have opined that it is probably a post-WWII photograph, and that it could possibly be the 'RANGITATA' but not the 'RANGITANE' which was sunk by a German raider in 1940.
Until proven otherwise, it shall be the 'Tiki' in my heart.

The morré effect suggests that this was a scanned copy of a postcard, not the original postcard ~ a little disappointing.
Received on
13 June 2004
Len Chapman

I looked at your postcards.

The coloured postcard is probably post war.  There is a "modern" cargo ship on the left of the photo (I enlarged the photograph in Photoshop).

The location looks like Auckland because of the ferry, which was unique to Auckland.

Date is difficult.  The ferries were withdrawn when Auckland Harbour Bridge was opened in the late 50s or early 60s and then put back into service when the bridge could not cope with the traffic!

There is a preservation society that is trying to preserve the last remaining ferry, the Toroa