Sea Trials

This postcard (above) has no printed information regarding the ship on the reverse.  The legend beneath the photograph on the front is apparently written in India ink.  Neatly inscribed on the reverse in small letters is RANGITIKI 1928.  Coupled with the observation that the vessel is fitted with seven sets of Samson posts and derricks, this information confirms that the Rangitiki at this point is undergoing sea trials prior to hand-over to the New Zealand Shipping Co. and, therefore, before its maiden voyage.  Following the sea trials, during which unstable conditions in ballast were experienced, two sets of kingposts and derricks were removed and additional ballast added.
Interestingly, this photograph was used to lead the article from the March 1929 issue of Motor Ship on the building  of this landmark ship, photographic excerpts of which will be found elsewhere on this website.

A closer scrutiny of the two images above will indicate that they are both copies of the same picture.  Even closer scrutiny of the black and white picture on the left will show that it (and therefore both) are photographic copies of a painting of the ship.  Of the two, the colour card came into my possession first and I was a little puzzled by the ship's rather "tubby" appearance.  When I acquired the second card, I was even more struck by this phenomenon. 

Presumably the original picture from which these copies were made was commissioned by the company upon the successful launching of the ship in 1928.  A count of the king posts tallies seven pairs which, as we have read elsewhere, was the as built configuration prior to the removal of two pairs for her maiden voyage.  Interestingly, the three pictures above give the Rangitiki's GWT as 17,500 tons whereas all other (later) cards usually say 17,000 tons or the more accurate 16,982 or similar number.