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OUTWARD BOUND ~ April/May 1960
(Photographs & Scans Courtesy Donald Ritchie)

Although the menus appear under "Other Menus" on the Ephemera page, I thought it would be neat for them to also be be placed in proximity to the photograph from an actual event that took place on the same voyage.

Captain Calcutt presenting prizes at kiddies' fancy dress parade
- outward bound to NZ



Down at the Old Pig & Whistle
(Photographs Courtesy Stan Dingwall)
I can add no comment to these images from the early sixties...but it seems that in providing their own entertainment, the boys generated a lot of fun.


Even Engineers need a rest now and then
(Photographs Courtesy Patti Stevely)

Some time ago I received an email from Ms. Patti Stevely who told me that her father, Daniel Walker, now 92 years old, had been an Engineer on the Rangitiki in 1936 - 1937.

Today (17 July 2007) I received the photograph shown to the right.
Ms. Stevely allows that her "
Dad's sight is poor but I have been telling him about your site and he has enjoyed hearing about it." 

Let's hope that we can stir up a few more memories for Mr. Walker.


From left to right:
Mr. Fell   Mr. Daniel Walker  Mr. McCall  Mr McGregor

If you have knowledge of any of these gentlemen, please contact me at
brit1941@yahoo.com and I will pass on your message to Ms. Stevely.