1928 ~ 1962

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Now we enter somewhat into the realms of the uncertain.  Below are some photographs sent to me either of unidentified people, or of people whose name is known but whose whereabouts today are not.  All have a connection to the Rangitiki, and it would be terrific if names and years of service could be found.  If you recognise anyone on this page, or can give any other information such as date, rating, location please drop me an email at brit1941@yahoo.com.


Dave McKinnon's Dad

I believe it's the pipe smoker on the right who is Mr. McKinnon. 
The picture was sent to me as a result of my posting a request for any information regarding my father on an internet bulletin board. Could this be Bosun Roddy McKinnon identified in the group photograph on Mick Overall's Retirement page. A bit of a stretch perhaps, but many years passed between the taking of these photographs, I'd say.

The Lads...

...is how this picture was captioned when sent to me by email early in 2005. Update:  4 October 2005 ~ correspondence from Bardy McCambridge and his Sister Ms. Penny McCambridge has now  identified these three young ABs as (from left) brothers Peter Sellwood and Leif Sellwood with Terry Browning on the extreme right.
The photograph was taken by an unknown photographer during the Rangitiki's last voyage.
Sad to report that both Leif Sellwood and Terry Browning have both since passed on.

(Photograph courtesy of Bardy McCambridge)


Terry Browning and Pete Sellwood hold the trophy.


The Winning Team

I have read some kind of account regarding the Rangitiki's football team's exploits and had assumed that the games played would have been mostly unorganized "pick-up" events arranged almost on the spur of the moment.  The kit worn by these players and the trophy (I assume the same shield on two different occasions) would suggest otherwise.
The upper picture was taken in 1962 (check out the ball) during Voyage 87 probably in New Zealand; the lower picture several years earlier it would seem.  Perhaps someone familiar with these events  can enlighten us as to the kinds of matches played (ship vs. ship, ship vs. local port team, MN vs. RN, etc.), and perhaps give  us the names of these twelve proud fellows.
Ray Thompsett has written to tell me that he is the good looking guy on the goalkeeper's right (4th from left), back row, in the lower photograph.

(Photographs courtesy of Ms. Penny McCambridge and her brother Bardy McCambridge)



Dad and...whom?

Mick Overall on the right, but who is that on the left?
This picture came out of the album Mum had in her possession, and typically, it is an uncaptioned and  undated photograph from (I'd guess) the thirties or forties.  It was placed in the album right next to a photograph captioned "Bombay."  Hmmm...

12 August 2006 ~ Now we know "Whom?" is:-
Yesterday I received an email from John Simmons of Sydney, Australia.  He explained that the gentleman on the left is his father, Edward Simmons, also known as Ted "Snowy" Simmons; "Snowy" on account of his blond hair having been bleached white by sun during his years on the deck.


It seems that the picture was probably taken at the Bombay Hills, a spur of the Hunua Ranges to the south of Auckland in New Zealand's North Island. They are located 40 kilometres southeast of Auckland, close to the town of Pukekohe. State Highway 1 here reaches its highest point between Auckland and Tirau in the eastern Waikato Region, 134 kilometres to the southeast.


Another well-known photograph sent to me by Mr. Simmons ▬► has appeared on the internet, but I do believe without any identification of the men.  The image to the right shows the names but the viewer will probably have to utilise a half decent graphics program to sharpen up the writing.  "Snowy" Simmons is on the extreme right.


                    William Purdy

The photographs to the left were sent to me by a relative of William Purdy (second left in both pictures).  The identities of the others are not known. 

When I checked the Crew List for the 'Tiki's last voyage, I discovered Mr. Purdy's entry (#130) immediately under the entry for my father (#129).  A quick look at page 19 shows he signed on as Second Cook, the position Mick Overall first signed on as way back in 1929.