1928 ~ 1962
1962 ~ 1968

After the Rangitiki was sold from fleet in 1962, Mick Overall stayed with the New Zealand Shipping Company for another six years until the Company required him to retire at age sixty in 1968.  I now know that he sailed nine consecutive trips on the Rangitoto followed by seven consecutive trips on the Ruahine, the final voyages of this particular vessel as a NZSCo owned ship, during this spell, including his final voyage at sea.  He retired as Chef de Cuisine of RMS Ruahine

My previous belief that he had sailed on the Remuera was in error ~ the result of a poor memory, I'm sure.  But Dad must have talked about her, maybe in anticipation of working on her at some stage for the name to stick in my head.

These images were taken from postcards gathered over the past few months ~ Oh, how I love the internet!!

As more information, including dates become available, I will post them here.


Another photograph of the 'Rangitoto' to follow soon






on the left ~ in NZSCo.colours

on the right ~ in Federal Steam Navigation Co. colours

After some serious thoughts about the subject, and in conversation with one or two of my correspondents, I have decided  that this page will become a significant portion of this website and will be devoted to these two vessels. Although my heart  belongs to the Rangitiki, the Rangitoto and the Ruahine played significant roles in my father's life at sea, thus warranting some recognition on my part.  Hopefully, one day, some budding historian will create a website dedicated to the New  Zealand Shipping Company from 1873 through its demise.
                                                                  THINGS IS ABAHT TO 'APPEN, MATEYS