New Zealand Shipping Company
A few items of stuff from over the years
(more to follow in due course)


◄═ Goodness gracious ~ just
       how many packets of these
       matchbooks did I see over
       the years?  Hundreds
       probably; with thousands of
       matches struck.  This one
       was bought on-line. 
       How ironic!



       Two NZSCo. bookmarks   ═►
       also purchased from an
       internet seller.  The one on
       the far right depicts our



This postcard, dated 25th March 1901 is a request from Greece for information on NZSCo. "steamers."
It has been stamped "Received/Answered 1 APR 1901" although I'm not sure that there is a return address on the card

A "Prefatory Note" states:
The New Zealand Shipping Company's Pocket-Book is not intended to replace the detailed Handbook of Information, but  the Company hope that the Pocket-Book will be read with interest by Passengers to the Dominion of New Zealand, and retained as a Souvenir of a pleasant voyage by those who travel on the Company's Steamers.

This Company's Pocket Book is dated 1908, and was produced for the benefit of Passengers.  It is all of 160 pages
 in length, and full of information  regarding New Zealand, with a brief history of the Company.


1966 Rate Sheet ~ One Way Prices.
(click on the image for a legible view)


1951 Fares and Sailing List
(click on the image for a legible view)

This publication is an eight sided four-fold leaflet.  My splicing skills are not sufficient to bring the two halves of the fully opened document together.  I will work on this.
Such lists are an invaluable source of information for filling in the gaps when piecing together the voyages of the Rangitiki, a page of which will shortly be published here.  I'm always on the lookout for them.


Some Hardware

A NZSC marked sugar bowl and cream pitcher
Possibly used on deck or in the lounges ~ maybe even in the dining rooms.
But NOT Gift Shop stuff.


A Promotional Piece from 1961

This little six-inch (6") plastic ruler has a paper front announcing the names of the Company's England to New Zealand fleet, and their ports of call.

The back has the light shifting feature that shows inches and the months of July through December from one direction and centimeters and the months January through June from the other.