but all interesting

Outward Bound
(Courtesy of J.T. Beardow)

Clearly the Rangitiki is leaving her berth, believed to be the Ocean Dock, Southampton ~
probably in the thirties.

Again, this picture was printed from a very old negative, and I have not been able to
reproduce the image here with any degree of sharpness or other enhancement.

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Heading Home
(1961 Copyright Skyfotos, Lympne Airport, Kent)

A superb aerial shot of the Rangitiki in the English Channel heading home after an early sixties voyage to New Zealand.  It's sad to reflect that this grand old lady had but two or three more trips to make before being sold from fleet.

Bunkering in Curacao 1961
(Courtesy of Stan Dingwall)

Sailing Day
(Courtesy of Ken Hedges)

Glasgow Wharf ~ Wellington, New Zealand
A memory from the fifties, perhaps reminiscent of earlier decades, of a place probably
much changed today.

"Glasgow Wharf is, or was, in Wellington and we usually had a good crowd on Sailing Day,
although particularly so on that occasion by the look of it.  At the time I was there, our route
was Wellington, Lyttleton and then back to Wellington."

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The Pool
(Courtesy of Ken Hedges)

Not quite Olympian in standard, but nevertheless something of a refreshing change.

"The swimming pool was erected alongside  No. 3 hatch, port side,
 just below the bridge."

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5 August 2004: from Trevor Bell by email:

How about this for a coincidence - it's a bit spooky.  My interest in the Rangitane started because Frank, my uncle by marriage, was a crew member when 
she was sunk, and ended up in  POW camp.  He lives in Bermuda, but is staying with us at the moment. He keeps coming  out with little snippets of 
additional information.  Last night he said that early in the mornings he used to  sneak a swim in the 'Tane swimming pool. 

Of course, I said that I have seen no record of a swimming pool on any  of the  deck plans, but he insisted that it was a canvas lined pool sitting on the 
 forward port side next to the  loading hatch. Later last night I showed him your 'Tiki site.
Damn me, we nearly fell off our seats when we saw one of your  new photos - the 'Tiki swimming pool!

The Fore Funnel
The Dummy
showing the door to the Radio Room, and presumably, the stairs to the sunbathers' roof


"Dummy Funnel, think I took that when playing with filters to darken the sky."
(Courtesy Ken Hedges)



Funnel Radio Room, 1960
(Courtesy Donald Ritchie)




Auckland 1952 ~ All Dressed Up
(Courtesy of Albert Sutton)

"I think the occasion was the Labour Day holiday."