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29  Date: 2005-11-20 21:35:33
Peter Pearce ( / no homepage) wrote:

Brilliant site. I travelled out from England on the Rangitiki, arriving in Wellington 23.2.1956. Our family is having reunion of that arrival this coming 23rd February 2006, in Wellington.

28  Date: 2005-11-20 19:37:31
Ian West ( / no homepage) wrote:

I sailed Aukland to Southhampton, 15th Sept - 20th Oct 1954, with my whole family.

27  Date: 2005-11-18 18:38:51
Donald Mackay ( / no homepage) wrote:

My first trip to 57/58 as an orderinary seaman.
Plenty of happy memories
I was on the Rangitoto and the Rangitane.after that,plus there cargo boats. All the best

26  Date: 2005-11-03 13:56:00
George Carr ( / wrote:

A well laid out site,very informative,bringing back lots of happy memories.

25  Date: 2005-10-20 22:11:12
BILL WHITEHEAD ( / no homepage) wrote:

Plenty of memories here. Served on the 'Tiki 1947/9. Then picked up the Rangitane at Clydebank for trials and the maiden.
Congratulations on a brilliant site.
Wish you well

24  Date: 2005-10-06 01:58:54
brian hunt ( / no homepage) wrote:

without doubt the finest ship i sailed on, i was a first class waiter and remember all the special occasions, including the retirement of Capt Lettington. DFC,DSO in Wellington,(yes DFC one of very few Sea Captains to hold it) on board 1955-1956

23  Date: 2005-10-05 08:11:58
Ken Smith ( / wrote:

What a fantastic site! truly great. I was the printer on the RMS Rangitoto for its last 6 voyages to NZ, on its final voyage I got signed off here in NZ. I see that I was still printing the same menu cards in the late 60's.

22  Date: 2005-09-24 22:44:35
Gloria ( / no homepage) wrote:

I remember the Rangitiki visitng Lyttelton and a handsome red headed young seaman called Roy Tribe - who sadly passed on.

21  Date: 2005-09-03 18:45:00
Peter Shillinglaw ( / no homepage) wrote:

A good site , I was not on any Rangi boat but sailed on the Hauraki, Turakina, Kent, Papanui ,paparoa,Surrey,Cumberland, and of course the Vindi, 1959/1960. Best years of my life. If any one out there remembers me [scouse] please drop me a line, PS, I was on deck.

20  Date: 2005-06-14 14:41:10
jennifer jamieson ( / no homepage) wrote:

A great site. Anyone out there remember a Robert[Bob]Jamieson? He sailed with Rangitiki for most of his life,this would be from around 1918 until late 1950`s I think he was Bosun but not sure.I do know his last trip was into Hamburg.
It is a bit late in the day,however if anyone has any photoes or info to pass on to his daughter it would be much appreciated.

33  Date: 2006-01-07 21:44:07
Eddie J Few ( / no homepage) wrote:

Wounderful site i was on the tiki as my first ship straight from sea school in 1957 and i do belive you had mention of this voyge that you did not have a record this one, It was 27 July outbound to 21 Nov homebound. We docked in wellington around August and tied up at the Pipiteer warf. On board we had a very distinguished passenger who was Lord Cobham and his family who was taking over as the Governor General of New Zealand. Your Father i do remember very well as he did try to advise me as to my future. Imust say that i did not fully take his advise but as a 17 year old youth at that time he commanded respect ,and yes i have very strong feelings for this ship

32  Date: 2006-01-04 22:09:45
Lilian M.R. Simmonds nee Jenkins ( / no homepage) wrote:

At 7 years of age I was a passenger on the Rangitiki in 1946, August/ September time. Also my parents (now deceased)Edward and Lilian Jenkins and my 6 week old sister Rosina V.A Jenkins.
We travelled in war time conditions, the men and women were separated.
I remember that we hit a very bad storm in the Atlantic and were not allowed on deck for a week. Our family was one of the very few people in the dinning room at this time.
My father had been a merchant seaman ( Chef) before a serious accident when he fell down a ships hold and sustained serious injuries. his seafaring days were over.
We came through the Panama Canal.It was an exciting day.
We were due to dock in New York, but because there was a dock strike we had to dock in Halifax Newfoundland.
Although I was only seven, I remember the flying fish, the leaping swordfish and the sharks.
I fell from my bunk one day, and I split my head open. I still have a dent in my skull.
The Stewardessess were very good at keeping the children occuppied during the trip. I was lost having had to leave most of my toys behind in New Zealand.I guess there was some sort of restriction on luggage. My mother's luggage contained mostly baby food. A doctor on board ship told my mother that my baby sister would never survive.However, nearly 60 years later she is still alive.
We finally docked in Grays, Essex England. The weather was cold ,grey and horrid, not like NZ , land of my birth.

31  Date: 2005-12-25 10:28:01
Anthony Fry ( / wrote:

Hello from Jambojersey.
Would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Merry new year 2006 (44 years since that last Voyage)it only seems like Yesterday,you are all in my thoughts.

30  Date: 2005-12-06 17:10:07
Joe Barnett ( / no homepage) wrote:

High I am on your Web Site If you remember me Aukland Dance with a ship mate who has died last month, I wan't to make my own Web Site of the ships
I have sailed on is it free any help you can give
ALL the best for Christmas - Joe