FOUND on 08OCT07

Fri, 14 Sep 2007, ongoing (Philemon)

  • Today I have sad news. The guestbook service will be discontinued.

It's been 11 years now. Those of you who have been with us for a long time know us for taking quality seriously. With the years, a lot of things happened and some years ago focus changed away from the guestbook service. We did not want that to affect you too much and so continued to provide the service for you. But for some time now, we have come to a point where our high quality of standards cannot be met with the resources available to the guestbook service. That is why we have come to this decision.

Let me explain the timeline: (current step is bold)

    1. Add possibility to download the guestbook entries as dump. -> done on 2007-09-14
    2. Add link to download guestbook dump to Control-Center -> done on 2007-09-19
    3. Wait at least 2 weeks -> done on 2007-10-03
    4. Disable posting of new entries -> done on 2007-10-04
    5. Wait at least 2 weeks
    6. Replace guestbook's by download link
    7. Wait at least 4 weeks
    8. Shut service down.

This timeline is chosen to have a balance between discontinuing the service and giving you the opportunity to handle the situation, i.e. save the entries, maybe smoothly transfer to a different service and so on.

There is a time window of 2 weeks during which the service is not affected at all. Another 2 weeks with only posting being disabled. Only after a month the guestbook pages will be replaced, that should give most users the chance to react.