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89  Date: 2007-10-03 11:56:00
Gerry Harris ( gerryharris@ymd-assoc.freeserve.co.uk / no homepage) wrote:

I served on the Rangitikki as an assitant steward from 20 Aug 1960 to 9 May 1961 (2 trips)Any one remember Ma McCleod silver king tourist class. Good days,good runs ashore

88  Date: 2007-10-02 10:28:44
gordon wrigley ( gordon.wrigley@sapo.pt / no homepage) wrote:

I was 10 and my sister 7 when we travelled from New York to liverpool(convoy CU 50)on the Rangitiki in Dec.1944.One of the most amazing memories of my life!!.There were 1,800 military people on board;going to join the war in Europe.I am so grateful to them and the ship's crew for all they did for us in those times.

87  Date: 2007-09-27 20:42:44
Paul Smith ( Smithpaul71@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Great ship served on her in the 50s happy days

86  Date: 2007-09-27 12:03:16
Mike Smith ( mikesmit@iinet.net.au / no homepage) wrote:

I have just spent a wonderful few hours trolling through this site with memories flooding back over time. I have connections with NZSCo going right back to 1917 when my maternal Grandfather John Graham Almond joined the Company as 2nd Officer. He was in command of the 'Tiki during scare with the Admiral Hipper and I seem to recall he was on her for some time later when she was trooping. His son John Wilson Almond was the 3rd Elect. on Rangitane when she was sunk by the raider. Many of the pictures that appear these days of Emirau and the ships are his as he was a very good photographer. He took the name "Jack" when his father died in 1967. Up to then Capt Jack or Old Nutty as he was known (never to his face!) was well known. Like your father he was an autocratic man however he knew his seamanship and was one of the last men to qualify as Master in Sail and Steam.
I served my time on Durham between 1957 and 1960 and was Jnr 3rd and 3rd Officer on Rangitane. We were in Royal Albert when the Rangitata arrived at the end of her last voyage. Very sad and we sailed just before they took her away.
The writing was on the wall by 1965 and once I qualified for Master, much to Grandad's delight, I left for a new life in Australia. I spent 30 years as a tugmaster in the Port of Fremantle and in the early days the old NZS ships used to come through under different names. By the end of the '70's they were nearly all gone and the last one to appear was the Otaio then named Eastern Academy under the command of my old Master Capt. Keith Barnet.
Many of the NZS officers went into the OCL Bay ships and they were regular callers.
We were all so fortunate to sail in the Halcyon days......the time after the terrible days of the War when life was sunny and fun.
I will see what I can dig up for you on the other Rangi's however Old Nutty's exploits are all in "Ordeal by Sea"
Regards Capt. Mike Smith