Over the years, NZSCo. ships on the New Zealand run would make a short stop at Pitcairn Island. Mail was picked up during the course of the stay for delivery to New Zealand and, presumably, other destinations. Additionally mail would be dropped off in Panama and Curacao by passengers and crew alike. Today, much of this mail, well the envelopes at least, are to found on the on-line auction sites, and websites of philately dealers. A small selection is shown below.

There is no evidence one way or another which ship carried this mail ~ the reverse of each, however, is marked with the Company logo (below)

The envelope below mailed from the Panama Canal Zone in 1939 is marked R.M.S, RANGITIKI on its reverse.

For me, these envelopes hold a huge interest, especially when dates can be deciphered from the postmarks.  To a philatelist, the stamps will provide information regarding the periods when these letters were mailed if postmarks are unclear, as well as examples of the many colourful stamps available to those mailing letters from Pitcairn.

I regard these pieces of ephemera as important documents in tracing the voyages of the Rangitiki.