Commander Richard E. Byrd
~ First Antarctic Expedition
1928 ~ 1930
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This is a radiogram sent by Cdr. Byrd to (fellow expedition member) James Feury in 1930, congratulating him on the anniversary of the (earlier) North Pole flight. The radiogram was sent to Mr. Feury, WFBT.  WFBT is the radio call sign for the ship, "The City Of New York". The radiogram originates on the ship. "SS (sic) Rangitiki", and appears to have been sent to the ship, "Eleanor Bolling", as it was sent to WFAT. WFAT is the radio call sign for the Bolling. It appears the Bolling was to pass this radiogram onto the ship "The City of New York", where James Feury was a member of the crew. The date on the radiogram is the 9th of May, 1930 when the expedition was at an end and the ships and crew were returning to New York City. The expedition arrived in New York on June 18, 1930. The "SS Rangitiki", carried Admiral Byrd back to American soil from New Zealand, where the expedition had stopped off in route from Antarctica.

(Photograph of Radiogram and accompanying text courtesy of Jim at
Byrd in Virginia

After his First Antarctic Expedition, Byrd returned to a hero's welcome in Virginia. In this Dementi Studio Photograph, he sets out from Richmond's Broad Street Station for a parade in his honor, accompanied by newspaper publisher John Stewart Bryan. The Richmond Howitzers fired a thirteen-gun salute, and 4,000 people turned out to cheer. (VHS)