This booklet of First Class accommodations was clearly published following the ten month refit and re-engine
job in 1947/48. Probably as an economy measure, the Company printed one booklet for the interest of First Class passengers of both ships. The booklet is a far cry from the Company's earlier efforts at offering a literary souvenir
 to its  paying customers as a look at the pages extracted from its 1908 book shown elsewhere will demonstrate.
One wonders if Second Class passengers were afforded a similar booklet.
Clicking once on each image will present a clearer picture
The page order below gets out of actual sequence in a hurry.  This is because I love symmetry and I wanted
the pictures of the two ships side by side.  As I decided against showing the inside front cover, it being devoid
of any relevant material, and wishing (for the most part) to have the stapling in the middle, I have slightly
rearranged the booklet.